Victoria’s Secret Hired An Inclusive Cast, But Is It Too Late?

Victoria’s Secret has publicly struggled with the changing fashion climate. They finally jumped on the inclusivity bandwagon by adding a plus-sized and transgender model to its lineup. However, many think it’s a bit late at this point. Dealing with controversies like sexual harassment allegations against an investor and the fact that it had to cancel its 2019 fashion show. The emergence of innovative size-inclusive brands like Savage x Fenty which staged a mind-blowing fashion show has made it hard for VS to catch a breath.

A recent collaboration by the brand with a U.K. label, Bluebella was the first VS size and gender-inclusive campaign. Even though this seems like a big leap for VS, the brand did not hire the models- their collaborative partner, Bluebella did.

victoria's secret

Besides, categorising the size-14 model as plus-sized has proven to be problematic. With the average woman being between sizes 16-18 this casting has gotten a lot of backlash on the internet. In addition to the sizing issues, the “plus-sized” model, Ali Tate Cutler has developed a reputation for fat-shaming.

victoria's secret

It seems like everyone is tired of Victoria’s Secret’s performative wokeness. With staff cuts, the stepping down of its CEO and closing of stores, it is obvious that VS will have to do more to keep its head above water.

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