Tips For Transitioning To Natural Hair

Now, more than ever is the best time to embrace your natural curls- wear it out and proud. Going natural is not easy but it is worth it at the end of the day. If you have had your hair processed by relaxers or damaged by the heat of constant straightening, you might hit a few bumps transitioning. It is difficult managing two different hair textures- your curly new growth and straight ends. But don’t worry, we have some expert tips on how to make your transition to natural hair easier.

Get a Big Chop

Take the plunge and chop all your processed ends off. This is not a compulsory way of going natural but this method makes you dive headfirst into having natural hair. If you’re not into the one-off big-chop. You can snip off the relaxed ends little by little every couple of weeks because as curly hair grows, straight hair is more prone to breakage at the meeting point.

Try Protective Styling

Protective styles like weaves, wigs, braids, crochet hair are great methods for protecting your new growth. Make sure they are not tight. Having too much tension with protective style can damage your hairline and thin out the roots. Additionally, ensure to moisturise your hair in these protective styles.

Disguise your Straight Ends with Curls

It is possible to get your straight ends temporarily curly. Opt for heatless curls like bendy roller sets, twist outs, Bantu knot outs or braid out. It gives your hair one texture and makes dealing with transitioning much easier.

Try Out Hair Accessories

If you are lost for ideas of what to do, trying out new accessories like hair scarves and headbands are great for changing up your look. A turban or scarf is an easy solution to a bad hair day.

Co-Wash Instead of Shampooing

Co-washing is a process where a conditioner is used in place of shampoo to hydrate and cleanse the hair. This method helps with resetting your wash-and-go style and adding more moisture outside your leave-in conditioner. Reserve the use of shampoo to once every two weeks to clarify the hair from any build-up.

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