Studio 189 Goes To The Origin of Nigerian Clothmaking At LFW2019

Studio 189 showcased a powerful collection which paid tribute to the origin of clothing in this side of the world. The collection showed a vast amount of print made by the process of batik and tie-dye. This technique was used to make leaf prints and polka dots.

The mix of prints and silhouettes of multiple flares and puffy sleeves gave a very retro feel to the collection. His and hers matching version were also featured to give the collection a more cohesive feel despite the multiple mix of patterns.

For more structured pieces, the aso-oke weaving technique was utilized. Jackets and trousers were featured in this fabric. The collection worked a lot of colour blocking into its styling mixing reds and yellows and blues.

The indigenous dark indigo colour native to Adire was also prominent in the collection. A stand out accessory was a large cowrie belt which was paired with a kimono. Patchwork jeans were also present to give a raw, unfinished look to some of the outfits in the collection. Studio 189 also questioned gender specific clothing by putting one of the male models in a floor length polka dot dress.

Large Cowrie Belt
Gender fluidity was featured in the collection

Studio 189, in a nutshell explored the makings of clothing and fashion in Nigeria, taking it back from where it all began.


(Image Credit: Lagos Fashion Week Official)

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