Someone Crashed the Chanel Show and Gigi Hadid Saved the Day

While there were surprises in this season’s fashion week shows, Jennifer Lopez for Versace for instance, Chanel got an unexpected cat-walker at their Spring Paris show today.

(Photo by: Victor Boyko/Getty Images)

While models took their final strut on the catwalk, a woman, who was later identified by WWD as Marie Benoliel, scurried from the audience seats and started walking with the models. Benoliel is a Youtuber known as Marie S’Infiltre and has 227,000 subscribers on the platform.

(Photo by: Victor Virgile/ Getty Images)

Due to her black and white houndstooth outfit, she blended so well with the models that the security found it difficult to find her. However those in the audience noticed and the incident was properly documented with their phones.


While the models remained composed during the incident, model, Gigi Hadid took it upon herself to handle the situation and confront the catwalk crasher. When the crasher got to the top of the set to pose, Hadid confronted her and was seen putting her hand to get her to leave the catwalk through the backstage exit.

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