Healthy Morning Resolutions To Start In 2020.

2020  where we all start saying “new decade, new me” and making resolutions to do better and be better is almost here. We have simple tricks that can help you achieve these goals and make you feel better in the morning. Morning rituals set the tone for your day- a positive action first thing in the morning no matter how small can do so much for your day and cumulatively for the year. Here are 5-morning rituals you should consider adding to your morning routine in 2020 or better yet, start today.

Words of Affirmation

Looking in the mirror and telling yourself how remarkable you are should be an integral part of anyone’s day. Repeating affirmative words like “I am kind”, “I am strong”, “I am smart” or anything you need to hear to build your confidence is a great way to start your morning. Studies have shown that self-affirmation has the ability to boost problem-solving skills.

Drink water

Something simple like drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning may seem like a no-brainer but doing it consistently takes a lot of discipline. Water is important in the morning because you get dehydrated after a long night sleep. Kicking off your day with drinking a glass of water within the first half-hour of waking up should be one of your 2020 goals.

Move your body

Simple movements like stretching, jumping jacks, taking a brisk walk or light jog down the street help to energize your body when you wake up. This can help improve decision making and can help control your blood pressure.

Eat a healthy breakfast

Fueling your body with good food can do wonders for your body. Studies have been conducted which link academic success with eating a balanced breakfast in the morning. Add a green smoothie for an extra boost of vitamins and minerals.

Get off your phone

Image by © Michael Poehlman/Corbis
Many of us have been programmed to reach for our phone first thing when we wake up. This habit frames the mind “around the menu of all the things missed since yesterday”. Delay the habit for 30 minutes or for as long as you can. Better yet, get a real alarm clock and charge your phone across the room.

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