Mr Garbe’s Latest Collection Will Fuel Your Handbag And Sandal Obsession

The cool high street brand, Mr Garbe recently released their latest collection titled Òwàánbé. The collection which features mini handbags and platform sandals is a refreshing blend of culture and cosmopolitan functionality with the use of aso-oke and cowries.

According to the brand,

This collection was inspired by the balance between community and culture.

Nigeria is all about community and as creators it is essential to immerse yourself in the environment you are in. After 3 years of moving the brand to Lagos, we believe more so than ever that we know what we represent in this community. Our designs tell who we are and the brand we are becoming, centered around creating dialogues through fashion and breeding a new culture in the process.

‘Aso Oke’ is a fabric affiliated with luxury and celebration. Cowries signify wealth or ‘old money’- a term popularly used to describe someone with great notable and significant heritage which over time resulted in wealth passing from one generation to the other. The sandals created in collaboration with the brand Olawale Onibata explores the balance between style and functionality. Locally sourced and produced, the Gladiator-inspired sandals feature wide straps, two buckles for a perfect fit and silver stud rivets.

Garbelife is a growing community with customers all over the world who are proud to embrace their heritage in a modern society. they wear their identities with pride. they are vocal, radicals, intellectuals, and innovators.

So we ask the question Só wàánbé? which means ‘are you there’ or ‘are you with them’ or ‘are you present’ in Yoruba. This term also coincides with the word Òwàánbé. which means ‘present,’ ‘it belongs’, ‘it is there’… It is also used to describe an elaborate/extravagant party.

So dare we ask again Só wàánbé?








Brand: Mr. Garbe | www.thegarbelife.com@thegarbelife
Photography: Adebayo Wasiu Jolaoso | @adebayophotographer
Creative Direction/styling: Belsherade Solutions | @belsheradesolutions

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