Jay-Z’s Most Memorable Fashion Choices As He Turns 50 Today

Jay-Z is one of the most impactful and successful musicians of the last two decades. In the last few years, his roles have been multi-hyphenated to include entrepreneur, record executive and dad. Since debuting in 1995, Jay-Z has evolved in his music and fashion style- from gangster to billionaire status. In celebration of his 50th birthday today, we are looking into his top 5 memorable looks.


Jay-Z‘s earliest fashion moments reflected the trends of that time which was all about a baggy and relaxed silhouette.


Jay-Z who arrived at the 2004 MTV Vmas with Beyoncé, wore his white suit with an askew fedora and sunglasses. This longline cut for suits was a huge trend at that time.


As the years went by, he kept that gangster persona for his stage outfits. As seen here wearing a puffer jacket, gold chains, timberlands and a basketball jersey from his hometown Brooklyn in  2012.

(Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)


The 2014 ‘On The Run World Tour’ was a definitive moment for Jay-Z’s style as he perfectly merged his old-style with more modern pieces. This particular outfit was his best fashion moment of the tour.


The double-breasted jacket has recently become Jay-Z’s go-to style since he first wore a similar version in the “Apesh*t” video. This style gives him a younger and fresher look especially with his recently grown out dreads and a matching bandana. Worn at the 2019 Roc Nation Grammy Brunch, this blue suit set complements his wife’s dyed dress.


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