5 Minutes With The 43rd Miss Nigeria

DTNow had the opportunity to sit and chat with the recently crowned 43rd Miss Nigeria, Beauty Etsanyi Tukura where we discussed her experience during the pageant, confidence and her hopes for her reigning year.


DTNow: What was your mantra all through the preparation process leading to the competition?

Beauty: Knowing that this platform is the best platform to get my message across. So that was what kept me going


D: On the day of the competition, what kept your confidence up?

B: Actually, my confidence was all the way down to zero. Yeah because I had a lot of challenges on that day but I told myself “Beauty, crying won’t solve anything, you need to stand up, you need to work. You have worked your hard from day one, this is the final day. Nobody is going to say you’re not good enough because they don’t know what is up here and because they are judging from what they see you wear”. So I told myself to get up. I don’t know where the confidence came [from] but I found myself telling the [other] contestants that even if I was slapped before going on stage, I was going there and I was going to the top.


D: What was on your mind when they announced you as the winner?

B: I wept. I actually cried. It was a lot of emotions because I wanted to run for Miss Nigeria four years ago but my dad said: you can’t do that, you have to be done with school. That was the deal; so imagine you looking at other queens year after year. Imagining when is this going to happen [to me]. It was a lot of emotions.


D: Going forward, as the 43rd Miss Nigeria, what do you hope to achieve?

B: Luckily, Miss Nigeria has a platform called the Green Girl Project so I automatically assume that office and there’s a system already in place according to various key areas of focus that is the environmental representation, health. So I’m just going to build on that, work with them to see how we get programs and things to shed more light on those key areas of focus.


D: What is your idea of beauty.

B: My idea of beauty is intelligence, confidence, focus. I don’t like to see girls who think they are beautiful but up here [there’s nothing].


D: What is one beauty product you can’t live without

B: A toner. It takes the extra dirt off your face.


D: Thank you.

B: Thank you



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