#InternationalDayoftheGirlChild: Raising Girls Summit 2019

The first-ever Raising Girls Summit held on October 11, 2019 at the Incubator Event Centre. The summit organizers by the Green Girl Company Limited (also the organizers of the Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageant) held it as a celebration of International Day of the Girl Child. It was also part of a global effort to empower and deliberate on issues affecting the girl-child in Africa. The summit also aimed to influence social change and policies to endure the better life and prospect of girls in Africa.

After registering the attendees, the event commenced with the recitation of the National Anthem and Pledge. Dr May Ikeora, CEO of The Green Girl Project and Ex-Beauty Queen, gave the opening remarks, welcoming everyone to the first edition of the Raising Girls Summit. A representative was sent in place of the Managing Director of Heritage Bank, Dr Ifie Sekibo to act as the co-host speaker.

The summit had very funny moments with Miss Temi Conde teaching the attendees choreography using the empowering song “Who Runs the World” by Beyoncé. The Louise Marie Stage School also wowed the audience with choreography and a very moving monologue.

Raising Girls Summit 2019

Short but powerfully packed topics were addressed to the audience. The UNESCO Representative, Roland Kayanja talked about the role the organisation plays and goals it wants to achieve concerning the child girl. Chioma Ude, the founder of the African International Film Festival encouraged girls to get into film making and storytelling. The Director-General of NAPTIP, Julie Okah-Donli spoke on the plight of traffic girls, the work her program is doing to curb this issue and other gender-related issues. Nimi Akinkugbe, CEO Bestman Games gave a short but effective financial lesson to the young girls present at the event.

Panel sessions were held to inform and educate the attendees about issues faced by the girl child. With topics like “Raising Girls to be Healthy and Confident”, “Raising Girls to be Aware and Strong” and “Raising Girls to be Educated and Empowered”, the advice was given by influential people in the society like Linda Ikeji, Mr Eugene Myers, Awope Opeyemi among others. Topics from hygiene to health to sexual harassment to financial literacy to pursuing dreams were covered.

The summit made championed STEM involvement by girls and encouraged them to participate in mathematics and science-related courses and professions. The summit saw a gathering of 2000 women. Many of secondary school age and some young adult women. It was very impactful and highlighted the importance of women in society.

International Day of the Girl Child

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