How To Keep Your Skin Hydrated As The Weather Gets Drier

As the year comes to an end, the dry season begins with harmattan. The dry weather leaves your skin, lips, and hair feeling dehydrated and brittle. To avoid that, we have come up with full-proof ways to make your skin hydrated and glowing during this period.


Drink Water

Once you start feeling thirsty, your body is already dehydrated specialists say. Humans are required to drink one gallon of water every day and you should not wait till you feel thirsty to drink water. The dry season causes you to get thirsty often so always have a bottle of water with you.



Step up your moisturizing game

Get moisturisers with a thicker consistency to ensure you don’t get ashy throughout the day. Make sure to apply it to your elbows, knees and between your fingers and toes.



Lipbalm is your best friend

To prevent, dry lips that break and bleed, keep a lip balm at hand. For dolled up looks, go for a glossy lipstick finish rather than a matte lipstick.


Use Moisturising Serums

Use serums with ingredients like alpha-arbutin and hyaluronic acid which help to draw moisture from the surroundings to keep your skin feeling hydrated.


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