How To Take Off Makeup Properly

After a long night out, the last thing you want to do is take off your makeup before going to bed, but this simple act is extremely important if you want good skin. While we sleep, the skin repairs itself. So the cleaner it is, the better the restorative process.

Failure to take off your makeup properly has huge consequences. The makeup leftover will seep into your pores, clog them and cause breakouts. For those who don’t wear makeup, pollution clings to the surface of the skin and can also congest it. Here are all the tips you need on how to take off makeup properly.

Steam First

This is an optional step but steaming with either hot water or warm muslin cloth for about thirty seconds will help deepen the cleanse.

Skip the Makeup Wipes

Take Makeup off Properly

It is easy to reach out for makeup wipes and call it a day. This is a terrible idea. Wipes only remove what is on the surface and do not clean out the pores thoroughly. They also tug on the skin and can be very drying. Instead, cleansing oils or balms are great for removing makeup and other substances that clog the skin. They are also good for all skin types (yes! Oily skin inclusive). They work well because oils are best at dissolving other oils like sebum for instance. Oils also nourish the skin and with continuous use, your face will become less oily.

Apply a good amount of cleansing oil or balm on your face and massage thoroughly in circular motions. Rinse off with warm water and a muslin cloth.

Double Cleanse

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Cleansing twice will ensure that your skin is really clean. At this stage, cleanse with a cleanser that tackles your specific skin concern. It is also advised to wash your face for sixty seconds. Set a timer and gently rub the cleanser in circular motions. Pay attention to the edges of your nose, hairline and under your chin.

Don’t Forget your Eyes

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The eyes are the most delicate area of the face. Due to the thin skin in that area, it is susceptible to infections. Remember not to rub your eyes. The oil cleanser would have done the job of getting rid of some eye makeup. However, you need a good makeup eye remover to take off any leftover eyeshadow, eyeliner or mascara.

Soak a cotton pad (not cotton wool) with the remover and hold it over your eyes to break down the makeup there. Avoid rubbing. Instead, wipe downwards in the direction of growth to avoid pulling any lashes out

Rest of your Skincare

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Go on to do your night skincare regimen. Serums, oils, treatments and moisturizers will be ready to be absorbed by your clean skin.

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