How to Deal with Body Acne

Dealing with body acne is as real and relentless as facial acne. Although less talked about, blemishes and breakouts on hard to reach areas like back, shoulders, arms or anywhere else in the body is a common occurrence. It makes the skin sensitive and brings about insecurities due to ghastly scarring bound to occur.
Body acne is triggered by the same factors that cause facial acne. It is the excessive sebum production which ends up clogging pores. Other contributing sources include friction from clothing, the use of heavily-fragranced products and sweating.

The most effective solution is anti-acne body washes for normal to mild cases. Over-the-counter body washes containing salicylic acid, glycolic acid or benzoyl peroxide are a great alternative that helps to exfoliate and reduces the build-up of sebum while treating acne. For persistent or cystic acne, it is better to see the dermatologist.

Consistent use of these formulas will have you seeing results in no time. Here are 5 body acne-fighting products you can try.


body acne






Shea Moisture African Black Soap Body Wash












Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash












The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Body Wash










Mario Badescu A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap









Peter Thomas Roth Acne, Face & Body Scrub


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