How to Create a Winged Eyeliner on Hooded Eyes


Having hooded eyes can be tricky when it comes to eye makeup application and eyeliners are not excluded. Hooded eyes are characterised by extra skin around the eyes which folds over the creases. This makes razor sharp Ariana Grande-like winged eyeliner shape difficult to achieve.

Drawing your eyeliner while your eye is closed causes a dip when its open. Others with hooded eyes tend to overcompensate by making the wing very visible. But not everyone is bold enough for such wings.

winged liner for hodded eyes

Katie Jane Hughes, a make-up artist and beauty influencer came up with a trick to bypass hooded eye problem. The solution is creates two looks in one. You draw a liner on like a batwing or arrow. When your eye is open it looks like a classic bat eye. However, when it’s closed it gives a graphic design.

How to Get the Look

  1. Look straight into the mirror with your eyes. Be relaxed. Draw a line angled upward from the outer corner of your eye using short strokes. It should look like a slightly jagged version of a classic flick. The length of the line depends on how dramatic you are feeling.
  2. After the angled line is the length you want, draw another line from the end of it  horizontally across your crease. Extend it downward toward your lash line. The liner should will automatically skip over the crease to make a gap which you’ll notice when you close your eyes.
  3. With your eyes open, fill in the triangular area of the wing. Close your eyes and draw the liner alone your lash line.
  4. Fill in any sparse areas.

(Featured Image: Alissa Ashley)

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