How to be Rainy Day Chic

Waking up to a rainy day can not only suck the motivation out of you but can also put you in a style rut. We are sure you can’t count how many times you’ve ended up with drenched jeans or soaked shoes. Through trial and error, we have finally discovered the perfect outfits for a rainy day that will not only make navigating the day easier but will also make you feel better. This guide will help you look your best even when the sky is pouring.

Layer on a raincoat

Sweep away any moody clouds by wearing a brightly coloured raincoat. They look stunning layered on any outfit. Blue is a good option, especially alongside neutral colours.

Swap out jeans for dresses or skirts

There is nothing worse than having your trousers dripping in water. Rather than wearing those, go for dresses or skirts or lightweight leggings that dry quickly.

Don’t wear flats

Rainy Day Chic
Footwear in this regard can be quite tricky. Opt for materials that will not be damaged by water. Chunky sneakers are a good option because your feet will be safe from getting soaked. Heels are still fair game- wear, go for ones with chunky heels and a good grip.

Get a bubble umbrella

Bubble umbrellas are a great alternative to raincoats. The dome-like shape provides great coverage while the clear material makes it easy to see the path ahead. They are fashionable in their minimalism and makes it easy to see your outfit through them. This is why fashion week street style stars prefer this type of umbrella.

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