Haute Baso SS2020 Collection Of Simplicity

The Rwandan fashion brand whose focus is primarily on sustainability and functional design showcased a very easy to wear collection at Lagos Fashion Week 2019.

The collection featured burnt orange, green and beige tones. In the mix were also some stripes. Cuts of the pieces in the collection were minimalistic and simple. Structure was only shown in the jackets while other pieces from this collection were flowy.

haute baso

Shirt dresses were made out of blue stripes which will can cross between work wear and casual wear depending on the styling. Slip dresses, long lined tops and loose fitting trousers gave the collection a very easy going and relaxed feel. Beige tones were used in blazers and dresses with shoulder pads to ensure continuity and counterbalance its the rigidity and structure.

Little details like buttons running down the back of jackets, plastic link chains worn across the neck some models and bangles added a more interesting flair to the collection. Round leather bags with raffia handles that ran through its circumference brought us back to the whole essence of Haute Baso– sustainability and thoughtfulness in fashion.

This entire collection has been carefully thought out and curated making it is easy for everyone to have a Haute Baso piece in her wardrobe.


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