Goodbye Contouring, Hello Soft Glam Makeup

soft glam

The makeup world is no longer invaded with sharp brows, harsh contours and full coverage makeup, there is a change for the opposite effect where soft glam made it’s way to Instagram and Youtube. Makeup artists are showing tactics that emphasize the face rather than change it.

The new trend is for the skin to be smooth , radiant and airbrushed and even though soft glam makeup isn’t always the focus, neutral colours blending of aesthetic integration of the shades creates the soft effect. The assumption that soft glam cannot be achieved through full coverage makeup is not true.it depends on the quality of makeup and the technique used.

FUN FACT *Soft glam makeup does not feature harsh lines and strong differentiation in colour*.

soft glam
Rihanna in Soft Glam Makeup

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Shaunna Kunin March 10, 2020 at 2:29 am

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