Fashion Designer, Paolo Sisiano Talks Fashion, Dance And Everything In Between

Paolo Sisiano started his fashion career in 2013 with the intention of having a point of view. Since then he has grown as a designer with his SS20 being about connecting with the depth and memory of water. Read his interview to gain insight into him as a performer and designer.

DTNow: Let’s start with your childhood, when did you first realize that you were inclined towards fashion?

Paolo: I  grew up with a very fashionable mother, once I started performing I became more aware of garments and movements. Although I’ve always just liked the essence of a well dressed Human.

D: How did you start out in the fashion industry?

P: I started Fashion design in 2013, apart from seeing this as a business, I just wanted to have a point of view and to establish a movement.

D:Your SS20 collection “Into The Deep” was one of the most refreshing collections that showed during Lagos Fashion Week. What was the creative process behind it?

P: Into The Deep for me as a collection, took from me in ways I can never describe. [The] fabric being hand-dyed and a majority of the collection just being stitched in stripes. It was about connecting with the depth and memory of ‘Water’. The perfect blend of chaos and calm.

D: Your dedication to your different artistic interests is very admirable. How do you find a balance in pursuing them all?

P: I’m still learning to wear all my art abilities. The more experienced I become, I realise they are all the same person, just different mediums and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Paolo Sisiano in his SS20 collection “Into The Deep”.
Picture Credit: Mannie Jefferson for Vogue

D: How does your love for dance play into your designs?

P: Dance is my escape, a place where no one else can question my freedom. With my clothes, I want to see that same freedom in my consumer, where they understand that their ability to fly is only a fiction of their minds.

D: What is your view on the Nigerian fashion industry vis-a-vis the argument that the Nigerian fashion industry does not need numerous fashion shows?

P: We need to grow the industry, Yes. But we first of all need to find our industry.

D: What is your biggest challenge in pursuing the arts in Nigeria?

P: Originality. As a Nation, We lack the mental capacity to create, rather we aim to copy. It’s not flattering, let no one lie to you.

Social media is built a certain way and doesn’t show half of the work that we do

D: What is a typical day in your life?

P: Haha. This varies from day to day depending on which Paolo is active. But I always enter the Matrix.

D: Any advice to upcoming designers or performers?

P:  My advice would be, remember it’s a business. Social media is built a certain way and doesn’t show half of the work that we do. Learn to find yourself and build that person. If you aren’t standing out (positively)… ask yourself the question of why you started out in the first place and answer sincerely. Omo, if e no make sense, give yourself brain!!

D: What do you do to relax?

P: I absolutely love spending time with my family! The joy is endless. Also love being by myself (recently) I already do all the theatrics at work, I just want to chill.

Featured Image: Adebayo Jolaoso (@adebayophotographer)

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