Everything You Need TO Know About The Met Gala 2020

The Met Gala is the Oscars of the fashion world and each year draws the world’s attention due to its themes and celebrity attendees artsy and outrageous attires. Here is all the scoop you need on The Met Gala 2020

The Theme

The theme for the Met Gala 2020 is “About Time: Fashion and Duration”. According to Vogue, The curator of the Costume Institute, Andrew Bolton, drew inspiration from the 1992 Sally Potter film Orlando, which was based on Virginia Woolf’s novel of the same name. “There’s a wonderful scene,” he said, “in which Tilda Swinton enters the maze in an 18th century woman’s robe à la Francaise, and as she runs through it her clothes change to mid-19th century dress, and she re-emerges in 1850s England. That’s where the original idea came from.”

Maze Scene from the 1992 film “Orlando”

The theme, he says will take a “nuanced and open-ended” approach. “It’s a reimagining of fashion history that’s fragmented, discontinuous, and heterogeneous.” With this theme, Bolton hopes to make us think differently about the evolution of fashion.

The Exhibition

The exhibition will contain 160 women’s garments divided into two sections. The first section will be a timeline of head-to-toe black looks: “It’s a very rational, regulated chronology of fashion from 1870 to 2020, the timescale of modernity.” he says. The other section will be mainly white outfits with pops of colour.

The Chair-people

The Met Gala 2020 will be co-chaired by Nicolas Ghesquière, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Meryl Streep, Emma Stone, and Anna Wintour.

When it will take place

The Met Gala usally takes place on the first Monday in May, which will be on Monday 4 May in 2020.

Where it will take place

Zendaya at the 2018 Met Gala. Theme: Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. Image: Getty Images

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York is always the location for the Met Gala. The night commences with a cocktail hour, where the guests walk the steps of the red carpet and explore the exhibition, then there is a dinner and the evening’s performance.


We are looking forward to the Met Gala 2020, the looks and fashion moments.

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