Deola Sagoe Issues Intellectual Property Warning Ahead of SS20 Collection

The brand which just unveiled their Deola Tropical Galactica SS20 01 Surreal™️ collection inspired by the colours and vibrancy of the rainforest, issued an intellectual property warning before releasing the collection on their Instagram.
The classic Deola Sagoe “Komole” design has been ripped off by so many tailors and fashion designers who have channelled the cut, silhouette and fabric of the brand. The Komole collection which retails for approximately 1.5 million naira is a favourite among Nigerian brides who try to get the look without the hefty price tag. The copies have gotten so good that it is quite hard to differentiate between the original Komole designs and the replicas.

Deola Sagoe
Classic Komole Design (Photo: @deolasagoeofficial)

The brand, this time has gotten legal reinforcement by protecting all the designs under the Komole Tropical Galactica SS20 01 Surreal™️ Collection under registered design laws. A comment by @thevelveteenlawyer on Instagram, explains the essence of this legal procedure. It  “…protects the general aesthetic or look of a design. That includes the fabric placement, the textile design (more so if it has been uniquely created by the designer. So in this case, you’re not likely to find this exact texture of aso-oke or weave in the market), and the entire look itself. So this design registration protects the finished product of the design. However, if the designer has created a unique fabric and has gone to the lengths of protecting it as a textile design then any unauthorised use of that design will be an infringement.”
In simple terms, do not send your tailor designs from this collection to make a replica for you.

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