CLAN Showcases Range and Versatility in its SS2020 Collection

CLAN SS2020 collection opened with an ode to what the brand is known for- beautiful and feminine work wear. The pieces which opened the collection were all white with pearl detailed button and some lace up details. The white felt like a blank slate on which the SS2020 collection will be built upon.

The collection gave a shake-up to the CLAN we all know, as leather-like pieces with exposed contrast stitches came down the runway. This gave some patchwork effect. Also, suede material was used with the same exposed stitching. A standout piece from this is a brown one-shoulder mini and open pleats that gave a Flintstone-like reference.

Leather was also juxtaposed with softer fabrics like lace and this gave a very striking look to the outfit. The collection was very out of the box as animal prints were incorporated in various prints, textures and colours. Silk fabrics also made a few appearances in maxi dresses with keyhole necklines.

The collection featured button-down dresses, trench coats, exaggerated necklines and separates. A particularly eye-catching fabric that was featured in the collection was a coloured animal print with a bubble wrap effect. This fabric was really out of the box for the brand and totally worth the risk.


Colours prominent in this collection included dark hues of green and earth-tone brown, beige and clay red. Accessory wise, outfits were paired with low mules and animal print mini totes.

CLAN’s S2020 collection was refreshing and showed how versatile the brand can be without losing sight of its character which was shown as it closed the show with the most perfectly tailored pin-striped suit.

(Picture Credit: @the.alfe)

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