Choosing the Perfect Nail Shape for your Next Manicure

Nails have been having a moment in the spot light ranging from Cardi B inspired wild rhinestone encrusted talons to the neon French manicure. However, the question still remains which is the best? The traditional rule is that the nail shape should follow the shape of your cuticle line. However, with the variety available, rules don’t matter anymore,  if you let your manicured hands do the talking. Here is a guide to finding the best suited nail shape for you.

                                                        Round Nails

They are a beginner friendly nail shape and you really can’t go wrong with it. Even with short nails, rounding off the corners will help elongate the hands. It is also an ideal shape because it prevents scratches and doesn’t snag on fabrics.

                                                  Square Nails
(Photo: Vane Polish)

This shape is filed to a sharp edge. It does not do much for elongation and can make your fingers look rather short. Nude or light pink looks nice on this shape.

                                                        Oval Nails

This works well with longer nails. Filing them to an oval shape gives an illusion of super slender and elongated fingers. It is also a preferred shape among celebrities because it looks so elegant.

                                                      Almond Nails

Quite similar to oval nails, however, the tip is much slimmer than the base. It gives a balance of sweet and spicy. No wonder this is Beyoncé’s favorite.


nail shape
(Photo: @jackieaina)

This is shape is inspired by the shape of the ballerina shoe. It is always long and tapers off to a square at the tip. This is the go-to choice for cool girls. However, it takes so long to achieve because of the process. It is worth it though.

Cardi B Pepsi Inspired Nails

This nail shape screams sass. A favorite of Cardi B and Billie Ellish; this nail is claw like with its long, tapered and pin-like tip. It adds great length to the fingers. It is however quite impractical. We guess you don’t plan on doing everyday tasks with this kind of manicure.




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