Best Tips For Protecting Yourself From The Sun

As the raining season is gradually coming to an end, the sun has been blazing hot. While we welcome the warmer weather, we should also gear up to protect ourselves from the negative effects of the sun and its ultra-violent rays. Here are a few tips on protecting yourself from the sun.

Wear A Hat

 Protecting Yourself From The Sun

Every two inches of brim on a hat reduces the risk of sun damage and skin cancer by 10%. Large floppy (Jacquemus-style) hat are great for the outdoors and they are totally chic.


Incidental sun exposure accounts for about 80% of all sun exposure. Wear SPF every day to protect your skin even if it’s cloudy or indoors. Also, remember to apply them to your hands especially if you drive.

Limit Your Exposure

The times between 10 am and 4 pm is when the sun rays are the strongest. Try your best to avoid being out in the sun between those times.

Protect Your Eyes


Invest in a pair of sunglasses that block up to 99% of UV rays. This helps to protect the delicate skin around your eyes.






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