BBNaija 2019 Winner, Mercy Eke Talks Life In The House, Friendships and Winning

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BBNaija 2019 Winner, Mercy Eke has been living a golden life- bagging endorsement deals and securing the bag. She talks with us in this interview about her experience in the Big Brother House. We cover topics from friendships, teamwork and tips on how to be a winner.


DTNow: From the moment you got into the house in the first week, who did you consider your biggest threat? (Both Male And Female)

Mercy: The moment I got into the Big Brother house in the first week, for the men, I considered Mike a  threat, and for the female no one.


DTNow: In the first couple of weeks you and Gedoni were attracted to each other. Why didn’t you both pursue that attraction? Was it Khafi?

Mercy: In the first couple of weeks I and Gedoni connected but it was not a love thing to me, it was more like a friendship bond. 


DTNow: Who did you like working within the different tasks you were given in “Team Cruisetopia”? And if there was one Cruisetopia member you’ll rather not have worked with, who would that be?

Mercy: There’s no one I didn’t like working within Cruisetopia but  I would say the person I loved working with the most in all our tasks was Mike.


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 DTNow: When the five new housemates came after a month, did you consider them a threat to your game?

Mercy: When the five new housemates came after a month, I didn’t consider any of them a threat because at that time the game had already gone far, my energy was focused on the old housemates.


DTNow: Was it your strategy to get other girls who you felt were your competition out, especially Khafi and Venita?

Mercy:It wasn’t a strategy to get any girl out because I didn’t even consider any girl both new or old housemate a threat, I never mentioned any girl until I started seeing changes in them, for Venita I love her but I misunderstood her at the time and I wish I had done things differently .


DTNow: During the show, you asked your fans to save Diane as she was your best friend. Why do you think you were you both drawn to one another?

Mercy: During the show, I asked my fans to save Diane because she’s real, original, different, loving, intelligent, and beautiful, we bonded so much it’s as if she’s my sister and I really wanted her in the finale.


DTNow: If you had one advice for future female Big Brother contestants, what would that be?

Mercy: My advice for future female Big Brother Naija contestants is to be yourself, don’t let anything or anyone influence your originality, go for your audition be real, and have fun but always pray.


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