Andrea Iyamah Is All About Colourful Vacation For Spring 2020

Andrea Iyamah, at this point, has established her aesthetic of being the go-to brand for swimwear and resort wear.

This year, the brand continued the course but the twist this year was the bright and colourful spirits of the clothes. Andrea Iyamah was all about a playful and colourful vacation. The colours pink, orange and yellow dominated the collection, whether a two-piece suit, a bodysuit or a maxi dress.

andrea iyamah

The swimwear featured a lot of colour blocking stripes, sleeves and cut out details. Easy to wear gowns were made from breathable fabrics and featured some sort of tropical and animal print design. These gowns were cinched at the waist with either a belt or a knot.

On the accessories front, small and equally colourful bags matched the pieces in the collection. The raffia women earrings will go with almost anything wearable on a vacation. Bonus from this collection were the butterflies on the models’ from and the pink face makeup which flowed from the mdoels’ eyes to cheeks. It gave the whole collection a fluttery and sweet feeling.






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