Achieve a healthy glow with just Ice Cubes

Getting a popup glow on your skin involves a lot of beauty regime that requires constant dedication. 

Did you know you can achieve glowing skin without breaking the bank? If you constantly suffer pimples, acne or you need a durable stay for your make up, then you shout try ice cubes. Yes, ice cubes!

Here are three great benefits of using ice cubes on your skin.

Prevents Acne: Excess oil production, hair follicles clogged by oil, and dead skin cells cause acne. Massaging acne with ice cubes prevents your skin from releasing excess oil, thereby making your skin glow when practised over time.

Eliminates dark circles around the eyes and Eyebags: Ice cubes made with a mixture of cucumber juice and boiled rose water helps rid off dark circles around the eye. Also to eliminate eye bags, wrap the ice cubes inside a towel and place on top of the eye bags for a few minutes. Asides from refreshing your eyes, it tightens the blood vessels and reduces swelling.

Treat Skin Rash: ice cubes are anti-inflammatory so wrapping them in a cotton cloth and rubbing them over the rash area fastens healing in no time.

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