5 Variations of the Stitch Braid You Should Try

If you are getting bored of the weaves, wigs and box braids, consider experimenting with stitch braids. These braids are different from the traditional cornrows despite how similar they look. Gel is used to keep the hair in place. The technique also requires the use of the pinky to create the ‘stitches’ that give it a cool graphic look.
As for maintenance, ensure to wear a silk bonnet or scarf. Also, avoid getting the braids wet if you have natural hair or else, the hair will frizz. Check out five different stitch braid styles that will get you visiting your hairstylist.

Classic Cornrows
(Photo: Pinterest)
Lemonade Braids
Stitch braids
(Photo: Pinterest)
Up-do / Ponytail

(Photo: Pinterest)
Half Up, Half Down
(Photo: Pinterest)

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