5 Tea Tree Oil Products to Have for Acne and Dandruff

Natural or herbal only skin care products may not be the most potent thing out there but there is one ingredient that always comes through when battling with acne and dandruff. That is, tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil is harvested from the leaves of a plant native to Australia. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties have been found helpful in treating issues like acne, ringworm, athletes’ foot and dandruff. If your skin is too sensitive for the accessible acne-fighting ingredient, benzoyl proxide, this oil is a good alternative for dealing with acne caused by bacteria. Best results are gotten when it is used along side other anti-acne products. It also deals with the redness, itchiness and flakiness that accompanies such issues.

It is important to know that it can be irritating and trigger allergic reactions. If it is your first time trying out this ingredient, make sure to do a patch test.  Although it is not a miracle treatment, with constant use, you will see great improvement in the problem area. We have narrowed down 5 products containing tea tree oil that you should try.


 Refreshing Tea Tree Oil Face Mask

Tea Tree Oil
Remiina Tea Tree Oil Feather Mask

If you have 30 minutes to spare, you will find this tea tree sheet mask so beneficial. Its ingredients are great for purifying the skin and also controlling oil while the tea tree extract fights acne.

Tea Tree Oil Cleanser With Exfoliating Benefits

COSRX Low pH Morning Gel Cleanser

Many cleanser are too harsh for acne prone skin and this makes it dry. This gel cleanser infused with the oil and BHA helps to simultaneously exfoliate dead skin cells and clean them to prevent pore clogging.


Tea Tree Oil Body Wash Infused With Eucalyptus Oil With Antifungal Properties

Natural Riches Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

This product is highly rated as not only does it have tea tree oil as its main ingredient, it is also infused with peppermint, eucalyptus oil, jojoba, olive and aloe. It kills bacteria and fungus that cause body acne and other body issues including body odour. It is gentle enough for daily use.


Soothing And Hydrating Tea Tree Shampoo

OGX Hydrating+ Tea tree Mint Shampoo

This shampoo leaves the hair refreshed and hydrated. The strong minty scent caused by micro infused peppermint which gives a tingly feeling helps with itchy or irritated scalp. In addition, its moisturising milk proteins help with hydration.


Fixing Your Scalp With Tea Tree Oil

Briogeo Scalp Revival

A product to use a few times a month. When there is a lot of build-up on your scalp which can lead to flakiness and itchiness. A few drops of this products helps to break it down and makes it feel so much better. It’s tingly effect is so soothing.


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