5 Shoes You Should Have In Your Closet

It can be overwhelming storing through all the styles of shoes available in a store on online. You most times end up getting styles you don’t need or won’t wear. Shoes can make or break a look and one thing people don’t have enough of in their closet are everyday shoes. These are shoes that you can just slip on to go grocery shopping and can also transition from day to night. They are shoes that go with literally every outfit in your wardrobe and will be suitable for every occasion. Keep reading to see which five shoes are a must have for your wardrobe.


Sneakers are replacing flats (and sandals).This shoe can take you through out the whole day. if you are on your feet all day long, get some sneakers. There are a variety of stylish sneakers out there. From the ones that look like socks, to animal print to bulky sneakers and even sneakers with good old Velcro.


We are talking both flat and heeled mules. Mules are generally comfortable and they are a must-have in your closet. Try out a non-traditional design like a jewel-toned velvet. They are also great with any look.

Statement Shoes

Shoes with a pop of colour or a peculiar embellishment or a unique heel. They are always a great wild card to have around.

Animal Print

Step out of your comfort zone a bit with this. Animal print are a great way to add texture to your shoe wardrobe. Snake print is a pretty huge trend in this category.

Court shoes


Just as red lipstick and the LBD will always be classic fashion statements, so is the court shoe. The pointy toe gives the illusion of elongated legs. Court shoes are great for any occasion and can be worn with almost everything.

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