5 Practical Beauty Resolutions You Should Be Making In 2020

When making New Year’s resolutions, it is important to make ones that will carry on past the second week of January. Making resolutions that feel low commitment but also packs a punch of benefits is what will ensure that we are taking our beauty skills up a notch. Consider changing routines that are affecting your skin and the environment or maybe change your approach to make-up and finally learn how to get that expert level soft glam look. Whichever it is, here are five practical beauty resolutions that should be on your list in this new decade.

Wear Your Bareface More



Most people cannot leave their house without putting on some makeup. However, choosing to go barefaced on some particular days of the week will not only help your skin breathe but will also do wonders for your self-confidence.

Throw Out The Makeup Wipes

Commit to finding alternative ways of taking off your makeup- few options include cleansing balms and cleansing oils. Makeup wipes are bad for your skin as they do not only a poor job at taking off your makeup but the scrubbing motions can cause irritation.

Leave Your Spots Alone

Although everyone has heard it time and time again, many people still struggle to keep their hands away when a new pimple pops up. Leave all the acne-popping tools and avoid zooming into that spot. Picking your pimples leads to scarring and contamination. If you feel the need to remove a blemish, make sure you pop and not pick. Be extra careful and clean with the area or see an aesthetician to help with that.

Wash Your Brushes

A good way to get beautiful looking makeup is making sure that you’re using clean brushes. Ensure to cleanse your beauty blenders and makeup brushes at regular intervals. This will not only help your skin by removing dirt and impurities but will give your makeup brushes a long lifespan.

Throw Away Expired Makeup

Many of us are guilty of holding on to old and expired makeup brushes. A general rule is that you should change out your mascara every three months, other eye products like eyeliner and eye shadow every six to 12 months, and lipstick every one and a half years. For other facial makeup like foundation and powder, the average expiration date is 12 months. Repeated use of expired makeup can cause infections because there is an increased chance of bacterial growth.

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