You’ve Been Applying Your Perfume Wrongly- Here’s The Right Way

Spraying perfume seems to be one of those things you can not get wrong. Either way, the majority of people have been applying perfumes wrongly. There are many factors that go into choosing, wearing and storing your perfumes. Here are some mistakes you’ve most likely been making and some quick fixes.


Keep Storage In Mind

Fragrances are very sensitive to the environment. Change from one extreme temperature to another sets off a chemical reaction within the ingredients and ages the perfume. Do not store in your bathroom, the steam can affect the freshness of the scent. UV rays from the sun can also change the perfume’s colour. The best place to store your perfume is in its box, at room temperature. You can also store them in a refrigerator.


Don’t Rub

Most people, after applying their perfume on their wrist, rub them together. This should be avoided because doing so heats up the skin and produce enzymes that change the scent. It also affects the top and middle notes and causes the last note to unfold. To make sure your fragrance lasts longer, spray on both wrists and wait for it to dry.


Get Smaller Sized Perfumes

Perfumes are best consumed within a short time. A half-used bottle allows oxygen to alter the composition. Smaller bottles can remain fresh for up to three months.


Know Where To Apply

Perfume scents don’t last long on dry skin so you have to be strategic about its application. Target areas which are exposed such as pulse points of the neck, wrists, inner elbows if you’re going sleeveless and behind your knees.


Consider Your Environment

Spraying perfume directly to your body in a hot or humid climate is a bad idea. The sweat and natural oils of your skin can destroy the scent faster. The best option is to mist lightly on your hair and scarf. The air will help to diffuse the scent and leave a long-lasting impression.




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