5 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks You Need To Know

Life can get very hectic and busy with a packed schedule. One life-changing, time-saving or even money-saving beauty hack can help to lighten the load. We have five that will make your life easier. Even if you believe you have your beauty routine down to the tee, these tested and verified beauty hacks are worth trying out.

Cold Water to Make Your Nail Polish Dry Faster

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Dipping your just painted nails in a bowl mixed with ice and cold water is an easy way to get your nail polish to dry faster. It protects against divots since it solidifies the polish all the way through.

Heating Your Eyelash Curler for a Dramatic Lift

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Run your eyelash curler under warm water or warm it up with a blow-drier so the pad and metal heat up. This makes for a quicker and dramatic lift to your lashes. Make sure the eyelash curler is not too hot.

Powder for Thicker Lashes

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Applying a small amount of powder on your eyelashes in between mascara application can give it a thicker and fuller look. Avoid applying too much as it can make your mascara look clumpy and dry out your lashes.

Apply Vaseline to Make Your Perfumes Last Longer

Rubbing Vaseline on your pulse point before spraying your perfume can make the perfume scent last longer. The vaseline can hold fragrance longer as opposed to spraying your dry skin.

Hairspray to Keep Your Brows in Place

If you run out of brow gel or your brows simply don’t stay in place, using hairspray can be the best hack. Add some hairspray to a brow brush or spoolie and lightly brush your brow hairs in place. We promise they won’t move throughout the day.

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