5 Lagos Fashion Influencers to Follow

With the over-saturated content on the internet, it can be hard to sieve through and separate the good from the bad. Most fashion influencers seem to exist in the international cities like New York, Los Angeles or London. But, there are tons of inspiring content creators in Lagos who are worth checking out. Despite the challenges of content creation in Nigeria, they find a way to weather through and create aesthetically pleasing content. You’ll find them creating in local coffee shops, at events and Instagram friendly walls and look as great as their international counterparts. Here are 5 of our current favourite Lagos fashion influencers who prove that you can create world-class content and have a loyal following without living abroad.

Ifeoma Amadi (Sia In Style)

(Photo: @siainstyle)

For a crash course on how to thrift shop and make thrifted outfits look expensive, Ifeoma Amadi‘s Instagram feed is the best place to check. A scroll through her photos will reveal how expertly curated it is. She shoots a lot of her style on the busy streets of Lagos Island. She narrates her life experiences through her funny and engaging captions.

Denola Grey

(Photo: @denolagrey)

Denola Grey is not a newbie to the world of fashion influencing. He started as a fashion blogger and had moved on to being an influencer, stylist and actor. The way he intricately puts clothes together is a whole other level when it comes to menswear. He is never short of poses. His sculpted face and dazzling style will keep you glued to his page.


(Photo: @hafymo)

‘Hafsah is a hijabi style influencer who does an incredible job at promoting modest fashion. Her page is bright and colourful. It is easy to get lost scrolling all day on her page. She also has a clothing line if you are inspired to dress like her.

Angel Obasi (Style Connaisseur)

(Photo: @styleconnaisseur)

If you are interested in prints, ankara fabric and out-there silhouettes, Angel Obasi‘s page should be your safe space. With her modelesque height, any item of clothing looks right on her. She also does a good job of dressing basics which she usually styles with heels and her signature slicked-back hair.

Jennifer Oseh (TheLadyVhodka)

(Photo: @theladyvhodka)

Print mixing, exaggerated silhouettes, hats, flared pants, Jennifer Oseh does it all. If you need someone to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone fashion-wise, her page will inspire you. She is a staple at fashion events so you can get exclusive access to fashion insider parties. Most of the pieces she wears are from her fashion brand, Wild Kulture.

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