5 Items You Should Get From Grey Velvet This Black Friday

We have gotten to the zenith of all shopping seasons:  Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Any buys you’ve made throughout the year will be nothing compared to this. Picking what to buy might get overwhelming so we have narrowed down the option to 5 important items you should consider purchasing from Grey Velvet. Grab your debit card, laptop, cosy up and get ready for one of the best deals you can get. 


House Of Dot Manhattan Box

This uniquely structured fashion-forward bag is made of genuine leather and a favourite among stylistas. Word on the street is that they get sold out as they come in stock.


The Khalee Set From Spazio Label

This set will make you instantly look chic. The unique skirt is a definite eye-catcher.


Flip Flops By Slips Africa

A great buy for your next beach day. This African inspired pair of flip flops will definitely add a piece of culture to your beachwear.


Accessories By Raya Jewelry

For some unique bling, get some statement necklaces, rings, earrings by Raya Jewelry.


Sunglasses By Dapmod

For a finishing touch to your outfit, sunglasses by Dapmod does the job.



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