4 Cocktails You Should Try On Your Next Night Out

Happy hour is a time to let loose and get over your worries. Relationship troubles, work burn out or just hanging out with your buddies, what ever it is, having drinks with your group of close friends helps to make everything better. If you get tired of the same drinks and you want to switch it up a little, cocktails are the way to go. You get to taste different things while experiencing the good buzz of alcohol. Ahead are some cocktails you should try on your next night out. Remember to use a cab hailing service because some might be a tad bit strong.

Moscow Mule

Icy Cold Moscow Mules with Ginger Beer and Vodka

Russia might be a heated topic in the political spare, either way, Moscow Mule always gets a yes in our books. Many shy away from it because of its ginger content. The rose-gold cup its usually served in is great for an insta-picture.

Pro-Tip: Get your bartender to use fresh ginger slices instead of ginger beer. The fresh ginger slice gives it a heat.


You might need to help your bartender with this one because it is not usually on the menu. Frosé is essentially a wine slushie made with frozen wine and strawberries. Think daiquiri textures. This is for wine drinkers who want to dip their toes in something new.

Savory Cocktails

Try a savory cocktail like Carpese Maritini that does not translate as salty. It is also low in sugar content. This cocktail uses vegetable ingredients to give it a balanced and refreshing flavour.

Espresso Martini

With this cocktail you can have your coffee and alcohol content simultaneously. This drink keeps on coming back in style- just like headbands and kitten heels.



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